Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Dubai Hot Selling Shower Enclosure with Gold Plated Frames

Shower Enclosure with Gold Plated Frames


1.ABS shower tray with steel framing, optional stainless steel framing for higher quality, Genuine resin and fiberglass applied to obtain high rigidity.

2. High flow waste and pipe included.
3. Gold plated aluminum, super deluxe.
4. Overall aluminum weights over 3.5kgs, providing a much sturdier structure.
4. U channel for easy installation.
5. 6mmTranslucent matt glass with flower printings in the middle-exotic as it is.
6. Chrome Polished handles.
7. Quick release wheels, heavy duty and long lifetime usages.
8. Packing of standard:  Bubble wrap, cardboard box and PP belt.---Fow wholesalers 
Supreme packing with drop test: Bubble wrap, rigid foam blocks and panels, Cardboard box and PP Belt.---for supermarkets etc. 

Contact at: Bruce +15257104449 

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